Student Spotlight: Dee from @onesarcasticbaker

Dec 1 • 2019

Sooooo excited to share our next Foodtography School Student Spotlight: Dee from @onesarcasticbaker.

Dee is a full-time blogger and content creator living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She signed up for Foodtography School because right after she started her blog, she realized that she had to develop some photography skills. Foodtography School got her from “parking” mode to “first gear”, which is sometimes the hardest part! After taking the course, Dee was able to open doors beyond photography. She’s worked with some big brands like The Feed Feed and Wilton Cakes, and as well as some of Charlotte’s most renowned chefs.

Her advice if you’re just starting out? “Don’t do it later, just do it now. practice, practice, practice.”

Look at Dee’s before and after photos. Her growth is incredible!

@onesarcasticbaker student spotlight b&a of pound cake

@onesarcasticbaker student spotlight b&a of blondies

@onesarcasticbaker student spotlight b&a of pretzels

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