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The Style/Edit


The Style/Edit is designed to kindle your creativity and help you to develop your own unique style. It sparks those a-ha moments, broadens your learning horizons, and guides you to become a better food stylist and editor. And yes, there will be cheese boards.

Let’s get you styling and editing like a PRO.

Differentiating yourself in the food photography industry can be TOUGH. Coming up with unique and alluring photographs day after day requires a lot of creativity. Then knowing how to edit those photos to perfection? Talk about pressure!

Enter The Style/Edit: 14 immersive in-studio sessions all about styling and editing. Each Style/Edit comes with up to an hour of content in the form of digestible styling and editing videos with our founder, Sarah Crawford of Broma Bakery. From start to finish, you’ll get the behind-the-scenes look at how to turn a dish into a photography masterpiece. Because let’s face it: some things you need to see to understand!


Step into my studio…

    Sarah Crawford is the founder and CEO of Foodtography School and Broma Bakery. With 10+ years of experience as a food photographer, Sarah has partnered with top brands in the industry such as Bob's Red Mill, Ghirardelli, and GE Appliances. She’s also consulted for Fortune 500 brands and spoken at Harvard Business School!
    Each Style/Edit session includes an in-studio styling video! From how to swirl pasta so it looks cohesive, to what to look out for while arranging bars, The Style/Edit teaches you all the tips and tricks you can't learn in a lecture setting!
    Each session comes with an in-depth Lightroom editing video! Ideal for ALL types of photographers, the Style/Edit covers editing hacks such as how to get that perfect "contrasty" look without over-saturating your photos, to how to use the HSL panel like a boss.

(Keep scrolling and we’ll tell you how…)

The Style/Edit is for you if…

You’re a visual learner who wants to continue honing your food photography!

 You also know that success comes from consistency and hard work! Through a two-pronged educational approach, the Style/Edit pushes you to become a better photographer in real-time.

The Goods

The Style/Edit

Take a sneak peek…

  • SESSION01.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    • Did someone say the words “browned butter”? YAY! Start watching CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, as she styles this delicious twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie. 
  • SESSION02.

    Lemon Loaf Cake

    • After you watch the preview of the styling session, watch over her shoulder as Sarah transforms the image through editing. Watch the first minute of this editing video now!
  • SESSION03.

    Beef Stew

    • Having trouble styling and editing stew? Then this is for you! Follow CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, as she gives her tips and tricks for making something as messy as beef stew look totally gorgelicious! Plus, dive into the editing session to give your final photos that extra somethin’ somethin’.
  • SESSION04.

    Blood Orange Cocktail

    • It’s happy hour somewhere! Bust out the shaker and get to mixing, because this styling and editing session will have you snapping gorgeous cocktail photos like a pro. From how to set up your scene, to how to put those extra special touches on your final photo, CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, takes you through it all!
  • SESSION05.

    Fattoush Salad

    • Learn how to show off all the different delicious ingredients in your fattoush salad, and make them pop in your editing session! CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, takes you through her step-by-step process for getting the perfect salad photo.
  • SESSION06.

    S’mores Cake

    • Love baking cakes? Want to capture how delicious they look? In this Style/Edit, CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, guides you through her process for setting up her scene, getting the money shot, and creating a beautiful edit.
  • SESSION07.

    Cheese Board

    • Cheese board? More like “please!” board! Everyone loves a good cheese board…but how do you make it actually look camera-ready? Head into the studio with CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, to get her styling and editing tricks for an absolutely stunning display!
  • SESSION08.

    Barbacoa Tacos

    • Let’s taco bout it… Styling and editing can be tricky! Especially with something as messy as tacos. CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, takes you through the whole process — from how to get that perfect shot to how to edit your photos for a delicious final image.
  • SESSION09.

    Gingersnap Blondies

    • Find out how to arrange boring bars into a fun photo! Head inside the styling studio with CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, to see how she sets up and styles her shoot. Then follow her behind-the-scenes to see the whole editing process from start to finish! Because blondies have more fun, of course. 😉
  • SESSION10.

    Roasted Tomato Pasta

    • So, like, how do you keep your pasta from looking like a swirly mess??? We’ve got you. In this style/edit you’ll find out exactly how to get your pasta looking beautiful for the camera, and how to give your photo that extra POP in the editing sesh!
  • SESSION11.

    Blackberry Waffle Ice Cream

    • It’s a race against time! Or a race against melting ice cream…If you’re wondering how to style and edit that favorite summertime snack, this is for you! Head to the studio with CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, to get the inside scoop on how to, well, get the best scoop! Plus, follow along in Lightroom as she turns her raw images into works of art.
  • SESSION12.

    Braised Ribs

    • They’re spicy. They’re saucy. They’re tricky to photograph! Get the secrets to styling braised ribs (sauce and all!) with CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford. Plus, get her editing tricks to help make your photo really shine.
  • SESSION13.

    Chocolate Muffins

    • DOUBLE chocolate muffins? DOUBLE the fun! Get a behind-the-scenes look at how CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, sets up and styles a muffin shoot. Plus her Lightroom tricks to get a gorg-tastic edit!
  • SESSION14.

    Chickpea Tomato Flatbread

    • Nothing says summery-fun more than this flatbread…or a styling and editing session! OK, maybe that’s just us. 🙂 But no matter the season, you’re definitely going to want to head behind-the-scenes with CEO and founder, Sarah Crawford, as she styles and edits this fresh dish.
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  • @whatcha_cooking_good_looking says...

    So I just finished my first styling session with the cheese board and absolutely loved it. I love the way Sarah explains why she is doing certain things, like linen and backdrop color, what items shouldn’t be touching and why all of these things look good or don’t look good on camera. You can follow along with her thought process and know exactly why she did what she did. Super informative lesson and gorgeous shots! Can’t wait to jump into the editing!
  • @thrivingonpaleo says...

    LOVE THE STYLE/EDIT! It's exactly what I've been looking for- I've taken a lot of courses and they've been very helpful on the technical side, but the styling has always been something I've struggled with. Knowing what to look for, where to put props, how to arrange them, etc. - and how to do it quickly too. The Style/Edit is extremely helpful! I'm so excited to see and learn more.
Ok, I'm Sold

Let's Get Styling!

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    Click below to select the Style/Edit session(s) of your choice.


  • Choose from 14 Sessions
    1-time payment


    Click below to select the Style/Edit session(s) of your choice.


Hi, I have a Question…
  • + - Do I get lifetime access to the Style/Edit?
    Yes! Your access to the Style/Edit sessions never expire.
  • + - What if I can't watch immediately?
    That’s OK! We understand each student learns at their own pace. You can always come back to any Style/Edit, since you do receive lifetime access to the material.
  • + - What type of camera do I need to take The Style/Edit?
    There is no equipment required to take this course. The intention is for you to absorb information. The Style Edit is for anyone interested in learning to shoot at any level. That said, we highly recommend a DSLR camera for any photographer serious about improving their food photography.
  • + - How is The Style/Edit different from Foodtography School?
    Foodtography School is a 7 Unit course that teaches you principles of food photography. The Style/Edit session are stand-alone sessions that focus on the styling and editing of specific dishes.
  • + - Can I enroll in The Style/Edit if I haven't taken Foodtography School?
  • + - Do I need any additional software to take this course?
    Great question! You do not! All your Style/Edits exist in a private online membership area you get access to with your course subscription.