Our online courses help students all over the world learn how to take bomb food photos and build a thriving biz. I’ve never been more excited about school in my whole life…

Is your food photography kind of meh?
Want it to be more like OO, MAMA!?

We’ve got the recipe to get you there.

  • Foodtography

    Our signature food photography course

    We created Foodtography School for the eager student looking to take their photos from raw to ROCKSTAR. This is a fast-paced, information-packed course that will forever change your food photos. It’s designed for a variety of backgrounds and skill levels.

    Side effects may include gaining a rewarding and profitable skill, finally feeling confident about running your business, and driving off into more sunsets.

    Tell me more!


  • Advanced
    Foodtography School

    For the advanced food photographer ready to take their skills to the next level

    Are you not a beginner, but also not quite killin’ it like you know you could be? Do you wish there was some way to reach that “next level” in your food photography?

    Our Advanced Foodtography course is designed to help you reach your full potential. You’ll learn how to master subtleties in editing, implement theoretical composition principles, utilize intricacies in food styling that will elevate your photos immediately, and take your food photography business to an advanced level.

    Gimme the deets!

  • Influence

    Everybody wants to be an influencer –

    we’ll teach you how.

    The first-of-it’s-kind digital course with proven growth strategies that will skyrocket your engagement and help you build a profitable online business.

    This brand new course will help you master short-form video, set yourself apart from the competition, develop content that increases your engagement, grow your following (on any platform!), and build a multi-revenue-stream business that lasts.

    I gotta have it!

  • 12,500

    Students served
  • 34

    Combined years in the biz
  • 527

    Brownies eaten(Yeah, we REALLY like brownies)
  • Restaurant
    Foodtography School

    Learn to shoot in restaurants
    (and get paid for it!)

    Like, how do you even take photos *in* a restaurant? Better yet, how do you start working with a restaurant in the first place? Don’t worry—we’ve got you.

    Whether you’re a food photographer, blogger, social media manager, influencer, (or even a restaurant owner/manager looking to jazz up your photography internally!), our Restaurant Foodtography Course will help you master the art of shooting in and working with restaurants. Cheers to that!

    Yes, I need it!

  • iFoodtography

     If Foodtography School was a Gen Z…

    We created iFoodtography school because we believe food photography should be accessible to everyone (not just those with a DSLR camera!). And it doesn’t matter if you’re #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid because this beginner course works for both!

    Gotta Get Me Some of That!

  • @myveganminimalist says…

    Since taking Foodtography School I’ve landed long-term contracts with agencies and brands in my niche, became a contributor Picture Pantry (a premium food stock library!), worked with small local and big international companies like Panasonic and Vega, have been featured in Thrive Magazine and became part of an incredibly supportive community of fellow food photographers!
  • @barleyandsage says…

    I’ve gotten so many amazing opportunities since taking Foodtography School! My very first paid gig was developing and photographing 3 recipes for a magazine! In the last few weeks, I’ve also landed several paid brand deals and been featured on larger food accounts!
  • @kitchen335co says…

    Since enrolling in Foodtography School ten months ago my life has been a bit of a whirlwind. I have landed a food photography job with local brands, been offered a long term contract to do recipe development and photography for a blogger with over 2 million followers, worked with Sam's Club, and have been offered a long term contract as a contributing writer! Last week I was able to quit my teaching job and take on food photography full-time!
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