Student Spotlight: Mike from @mikebakesnyc

Dec 1 • 2019

Say hello to our next Foodtography School Student Spotlight: Mike from @mikebakesnyc!

Mike is an attorney by day and a food photographer/blogger by night. He enrolled in Foodtography School because he felt like his photos were missing something. He was doing a lot of NYC restaurant photography when he enrolled, so he had some technical camera knowledge but had little to no idea of how to shoot in the setting of his own home. “My photos were just bland.” After taking Foodtography School, Mike has been able to partner with a laundry list of brands including Crockpot, Domino Sugar, and Rodelle Vanilla, just to name a few. He was also just featured in the latest issue of The Bake Feed as one of their top 10 must-follow baking blogs.

If you’re just getting started with photography, his advice is to stay away from the comparison trap. “Constantly comparing yourself to others can leave you feeling unsatisfied and like you’ll never be on that level. I think it’s super important to remember that food photography is a journey, and that you’ll be ahead of some but behind others; all that matters is that you’re learning and growing!”

Checkout Mike’s before and after photos. The growth is amazing!

@mikebakesnyc student spotlight b&a of ice cream

@mikebakesnyc student spotlight b&a of brownies

@mikebakesnyc student spotlight b&a of galette


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