Student Spotlight: Amanda of @amandagryphon

Jun 9 • 2021

We are so excited to introduce Amanda Gryphon of @amandagryphon as our next Foodtography School Student Spotlight. This queen has the most jaw-dropping photos of cocktails and desserts we’ve ever seen 😮… Check out these before and afters!


@amandagryphon student spotlight b&a of matcha latte

@amandagryphon student spotlight b&a of bread twists

@amandagryphon student spotlight b&a of upside down cake

@amandagryphon student spotlight b&a of warm drink

After taking Foodtography School, Amanda turned her “casual Instagram hobby into a brand-new photography career… The lessons I learned about the importance of composition and harnessing light stick with me every time I shoot.” That’s what we like to hear!!!

Amanda is now working part-time as a freelance food photographer and recipe developer.

“For years I worked in a corporate environment in food media, but now I have the freedom to work for myself and take on clients when it’s convenient for me (a dream for a full-time mom)!” SLAY MAMA! There’s nothing quite like being in charge of your own time…

And what’s more, she’s now getting brands coming to *her* instead of the other way around. Love that! Not only is she getting more brand deals, but she’s also charging 2-3X (!!!) more than she did even last year for her photos. WINNING!!!

You can say that again! 🙌

Oh, and one more plus: “I’ve met so many other amazing food photographers as part of this community and through photography challenges, which has made it a lot easier to weather an isolating pandemic thanks to daily encouragement from online friends!”

We’re so glad you’re a part of this community, too, Amanda. 💕 Your story is seriously such an inspiration and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do next.