The prop roundup you didn’t know you needed!

Jun 3 • 2021

The other day, we polled you guys to find out which food photography props are YOUR absolute favorite! And everyone seriously delivered. We got so many amazing prop submissions, we just *had* to round them up for ya! Read on to see the food photography prop roundup you didn’t know you needed!

“These milk bottles are easily one of my favorite props to use and my go-to in almost every photo. I use this as a beverage container, extra background filler for height and dimension, plus they are just super cute for milk or cream.”


You can get a 6-pack of milk bottles on Amazon. Snag them here!

“My favorite prop is the scalloped plate and cup from Creative Co-op. I bought them at a local Austin home store @backhomeliving. They are my favorite because of the neutral color, unique hexagon shape of the plate, and scalloped edges and texture. The cup is so versatile and can be used for styling large cups of coffee, soup or even ice cream. I have used the cup in posts of oat milk cappuccino, gazpacho, and the plates multiple times. I just love them!!!”


Loving the scalloped look? You can find similar pieces on Etsy and West Elm.

“…These props are my favourite to give my pictures a little bit of dimension and also because of the wood texture and colors to make pictures look warm…that lines up perfectly with my photography style.”


Want to stack up on wooden plates (get it?)? Here’s a great option from Amazon.

“These 4.5 inch side plates from @rvpottery are my favorite prop right now because they work beautifully in many different ways. I use them to place food on individual plates, stack in the background of a photo, place silverware or flowers on top of empty plates or basically to stack or create layers through the photo. They’re perfect for texture because of the ability to layer them and their speckle design. Also love that they’re a matte finish!”


You can get your own set of handmade speckled plates on Etsy!

“This is my favourite prop because it can be used in any photo whether it adds an extra layer to hold up the main subject or if it is just used as a prop in the background.”


Complete any scene with these matte white plates from Crate and Barrel.

“For my cakes, I like high trays…The darker wood creates depth to the subdued/neutral hues in my feed and show off the lighter colored cakes like Marsipan cake/bløtkake and Pavlova. I also like it a lot as a backdrop for decorations, gingerbread, caramels etc, and it is featured in a lot of my pictures. I like the height it creates. 💘”


Make your desserts the focal point with this gorgeous wooden cake stand from Amazon.

“…When it comes to choosing my props for my photos, I always select these plates created by Sophia Sohyun Kim. She’s a talented artist from Vancouver, BC. She draws her inspiration from the West Coast rainforest, and her work has been featured on Iron Chef and many award-winning restaurants.

The attention to detail that she puts into her work is extraordinary — the way she manipulates and carves the clay to make it look and “feel” like birch wood is what has always drawn me to her creations.

Sophia’s pieces are my go-to props because I think they’re inspiring, unique and imaginative, which is how I like to look at food.”


Interested in achieving a similar style in your photos? Checkout these plates on Etsy.

“These dessert/appetizer plates are my go-to for almost all my shoots. I love them because they’re conveniently sized for baked goods, stacking, and small cake slices. They also photograph really well and don’t give off too much sheen!”


“I love using the Crate and Barrel Mercer appetizer plates in my food photography. They’re my favorite prop because they’re just so darned cute when stacked. Plus, they’re the perfect size to not overwhelm the food and not take up too much of your photograph. Swoon!”


“I love these small plates because they’re the perfect size for desserts and baked goods. They’re great for stacking and are so reasonably priced. Definitely a must-have for me!”


Ready to see what all the craze is about? You can find these cuties on Crate and Barrel.

“Favorite linens — all of my other props are pretty much thrifted or eBay finds! I love these linens because they come in so many different colors that literally anyone could find colors to fit their brand. They have a beautiful texture and just add so much depth and romance to a scene. I have a variety of colors and just keep them rumpled up in a basket and pull them out whenever I’m shooting.”

Go linen crazy on Crate & Barrel!


Brb, going to order some of these, like, right now…

We hope you loved these as much as we do, and maybe even found a new piece to add to your collection! Looking for more props to complete your collection? Head to our Products We Love page to see some of our faves!

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