Student Spotlight: Alice from @alicepages

Sep 19 • 2020

IT’S THAT TIME, FOODIES! We’ve got another Foodtography School Student Spotlight comin’ at ya: now presenting the vegan, plant-based queen herself, @alicepages!

Alice became a full-time food photographer, food stylist, blogger and recipe developer after quitting her job as an aeronautical engineer nearly 2 years ago (smarty pants!). Funnily enough, Alice was actually a student of the first EVER Foodtography School! 🤯

Now, Alice works with food brands, restaurants around the world, film companies, and publishers. Plus, she runs her own blog! This babe does it all.

And, of course, Alice’s blog is all about that vegan life. “I’m vegan, all my recipes are plant-based and mostly gluten free and refined sugar free. I share a wide variety of approachable daily recipes on my blog, sweet and savory, but healthy sweet treats and breakfasts are my favorite things to make and photograph.” We friggin’ love breakfast too, Alice.

Check out some of Alice‘s before and afters below!

@alicepages student spotlight b&a of bars @alicepages student spotlight b&a of burger @alicepages student spotlight b&a of smoothie bowl @alicepages student spotlight b&a of pasta

“Improving my photography skills and knowing my worth was one of the best decisions I ever took. As the quality of my Instagram and portfolio increased, brands started to contact me for paid content. Quickly I signed my first contracts and started to be featured in international magazines.”

These days, you can find Alice traveling all over the world, staying in amazing places like Indonesia, or even Bali, where she lived for a whole month taking photos for a café’s cookbook! #jealous

Alice you are killin’ it! Her advice to newbies? “Dare to value yourself and your skills.” She also reminds us to “practice a lot, try, fail then try again! There is no secret!” PREACH. We love your story, Alice! If you’re not already following @alicepages, HOP ON THAT TRAIN!