Celebrating the Small Stuff

Sep 23 • 2020

  • The perfect smear of chocolate in your chocolate chip cookie
  • That delicate sprig of mint in your mojito
  • The rainbow marshmallows in your Lucky Charms #classy

Sometimes the small stuff makes all the difference. And yet, it can be so easy to work, work, work, and forget about celebrating the small wins we make along the way. 

We feel like maybe we don’t deserve to celebrate just yet. We say things like  “Oh, I’ll celebrate when I’ve done something really noteworthy.” Or, “I’ll celebrate when I’m thinner, and prettier, and more successful.” 

But then guess what? One day you look around and realize you haven’t celebrated anything at all, because you were always *waiting* to feel like your celebration was justified. You were always waiting for someone to come along and say “Now you’ve really done something. Now you can celebrate.” You were waiting for permission, and permission never came. 


That’s right. Celebrate your small wins. Go for it. Because those small wins make a HUGE difference. 

And we want to celebrate with you! Just look at these wins from food photographers everywhere who are totally killin’ it:

black iphone with rotating images of different texts

Once you start celebrating your small wins, you’ll realize that they were never really small to begin with. That “small” stuff is what builds a business. That “small” stuff is what makes a master photographer. 

That “small” stuff is what big accomplishments are really made of. 

P.S. Anyone else really want Lucky Charms now…? 👀