Light & Bright Food Photography Presets
(pack of 5!)



Are you a spring/summer kind of person? Does your heart skip a beat when you see fresh white? Wondering how to make your photos reflect your light and bright side? Our Lightroom Presets are here to help! Use these presets to take your photos from “eh” to airy!

What’s Included:

  • This preset package includes 5 Custom Foodtography Lightroom Classic Presets, which are easily transferred to Lightroom mobile
+full description

Top of the Chrysler Building is a warm and saturated preset. It works well for photographers who want a warm look without being too bold. It can skew towards yellow, so adjust your white balance towards blue accordingly to get a nice, neutral look with subtle pink undertones.

After Labor Day is a cooler, muted preset that tones down yellows and oranges, and boldens darker tones. It’s fantastic for creating soft colors and a slight magenta undertone. It’s not best on reds. I like to pull up my yellow and magenta white balance with this preset, and subtly adjust my oranges to suit each individual photo. To decrease contrast slightly, slide left on the contrast slider for a softer look.

Arendelle is made for the chocolate lover (and the Frozen lover) in all of us. It creates soft, smooth backgrounds and richens reds and oranges, making it perfect for editing chocolate. It’s slightly less bold than After Labor Day.

Eggshell is a soft, muted preset that retains good contrast. It works well on almost every photo, and holds up if you add more exposure for an extra bright look.

White Lily is both contrasty and soft, creating rich darker tones and smoothed out lighter tones. It works well on warmer tones and greens alike, making it perfect for savory dishes like pesto pasta or squash pizza.