Dark & Moody Food Photography Presets
(pack of 5!)



Are you a fall/winter kind of person? Do you get heart eyes for inky colors? Wondering how to make your photos reflect your dark and moody side? Our Lightroom Presets are here to help! Use these presets to take your photos from drab to dramatic.

What’s Included:

  • This preset package includes 5 Custom Foodtography Lightroom Classic Presets, which are easily transferred to Lightroom mobile
+full description

Dark & Stormy is a muted preset that softens oranges and reds. It has an understated yet bold quality to it, and works wonderfully on foods of all colors.

Bold & Beautiful is a contrasty preset that works wonders on darker or chocolate tones. There are few color adjustments in this preset, leaving tone to be the star.

Old Film is a soft preset that brings out the natural look of a photo in a greyed out edit. Muted colors compliment the softness of this preset, which is best for photos with lots of neutral tones.

Black Coffee is a bold and contrasty preset with lots of clarity and texture. It has an editorial feel that works well for photographers that like that crisp, high-contrast look.

Golden Hour is a moody preset with warm, red undertones. It works well on photos with oranges and reds, and imparts a luxurious softness that still packs a punch.