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The Growth Collective

by Foodtography School



The membership with exclusive coaching, content, and community to take the guesswork out of your online business strategy — for just $19.99 a month.

From live coaching to exclusive video trainings, content resources, and expert support, The Growth Collective is your ongoing business bestie.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an influencer…


…it’s that running your own business is a LOT. You’re your own teacher, content creator, business consultant, social media manager, marketing strategist, the list goes on!

So if you had something that could help you write captions, stay on top of trends, plan your content, and keep up with the ever-changing landscape? Your life would be so much easier, right!?

That’s why I created a brand new membership that does all those things — and so much more.


The Growth Collective


  • Monthly Live Coaching
  • Customizable Social Graphics
  • Exclusive Video Trainings
  • Monthly Trends Report
  • A Catalog of Caption Ideas
  • Community Boards


Each month you get access to...

    You need a mentor, but don’t want to shell out thousands of $$$...We’ve got the solution! Join me for monthly LIVE group coaching calls on topics picked by you, for you. Each month I'll answer your most pressing questions and get real about all things social media, online business, photography, and more.
    Content creation got you feeling drained? You get access to a catalog of versatile caption ideas, customizable social graphics, and a monthly trends report to keep you in-the-know with the all the latest sounds, trends, and articles around the web.
    You don’t have to do it all alone — join our private membership area full of inspiring, motivated students excited to help each other learn and grow. Our community boards are there for you to get feedback from your peers, learn from each other, and get input from our team of experts!

This membership is perfect for…


  • Content creators who want to get better at photography, videography, and branding
  • Influencers who want to learn more about social media, marketing, and monetizing their influencer
  • Bloggers who want to improve their SEO, recipe development, and passive income
  • Food photographers who want to expand their business and better their craft
  • Small business owners who want to increase their online presence
  • Entrepreneurs who are always looking for ways to improve their brand and business

Join me each month for ongoing LIVE group coaching calls!

Each month, we’ll dive into a new topic (picked by you!) so you can get your burning questions answered and learn directly from me. I can’t wait to see you there!



The Growth Collective is more than just social media

  • Learn how to land brand deals and navigate the business world of influencing

  • Gain access to a mentor who’s built multiple social media platforms from 0 to a combined 1.9m+ followers
  • Get feedback on how to improve your photos, videos, and content
  • Turn your influencing into a profesh business that attracts brand partnerships
  • Get 24/7 access to community boards where you can get feedback from peers in the industry

Get it all for less than the cost of Netflix. ;)

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Hi, I have a Question…
  • + - Can I get a refund?
    Because of the digital subscription nature of this membership, we have a strict no refund policy for purchases of The Growth Collective. However, you *can* cancel your membership at any time.
  • + - How do I know if The Growth Collective is right for me?
    This membership is made for content creators who want to get better at photography, videography, and branding, influencers who want to learn more about social media, marketing, and monetizing their influencer, and bloggers who want to improve their SEO, recipe development, and passive income. Even if you are not in the food space, this membership teaches fundamental business, marketing, photography, and video strategies, which can be applied to any niche.
  • + - What is the difference between The Growth Collective and your courses (Influence, Foodtography School, etc.)?
    Our courses are pre-recorded video lessons. The Growth Collective is an ongoing monthly membership filled with exclusive video trainings, monthly group coaching, monthly caption templates, monthly editable social graphics, a monthly trends report, and more.
  • + - Do I get access to The Growth Collective immediately?
    When you sign up for The Growth Collective, you'll get immediate access to some exclusive training videos, captions, graphics, and all your community chat rooms. From there, The Growth Collective follows a monthly formula: the first week of each month, new exclusive trainings. The second week of the month, you have your live coaching call. The third week of the month we send out an email full of your most asked questions that month, and the fourth week of the month we send out your monthly trends report.
  • + - What is the monthly live coaching like?
    Each month you'll have the opportunity to hop on a live call with Sarah and your other Growth Collective members. Prior to the call, you can submit individual questions within the membership for a chance for Sarah to answer it live. The live call lasts 1 hour. If you can't make it live, no worries! We save the call and you can access the replay within your membership later that day :)
  • + - Where can you edit the social graphic templates?
    The social graphics are all editable in Canva.
  • + - How do I download the iPhone app?
    Search "Circle Communities" in the App Store.
  • + - Where do I log into the membership area?
    The Growth Collective is hosted on Circle, a membership site that is separate from our Foodtography School course site. You can log in in the top right corner of the Foodtography School site under "Login > The Growth Collective," or by going to


    Hey, Superstar!

The truth is, the food world is changing.

But just because it’s changing doesn’t mean it’s time to throw up our hands, say “I’m done!”, and start binging Netflix all day (though the occasional binge is still fine…right?)

All it means is that it’s time to learn proven, foolproof strategies to help you navigate this shifting landscape. I created The Growth Collective to give you ongoing support to not just roll with the punches, but actually take advantage of them. 

Now is your chance to dive deep into understanding what it takes to be an influencer long termI know it can be scary to take the plunge. But I also know that you *do* have what it takes to be an influencer, to do it with integrity, to make it a career, and to love doing it! You got this.

Love and brownies,