Student Spotlight: Lee of @laneandgreyfare

Jan 24 • 2022

We are SO excited to introduce our latest Foodtography School Student Spotlight: Lee from @laneandgreyfare. Lee is a baked goods baddie living in New Jersey — but here’s the twist: all her food is gluten-free, nut-free, seed-free, egg-free, and can easily be made dairy-free.

Lee is a full-time food blogger and food photographer and also works shooting images for brands. Ever since taking Foodtography School & Advanced Foodtography School, she’s launched her own blog (just 9 months ago!), and started her own LLC. Get it girl!

But before taking the courses?

And after taking the courses?

@laneandgreyfare student spotlight b&a of cake

@laneandgreyfare student spotlight b&a of chocolate tart

@laneandgreyfare student spotlight b&a of sandwich cookies

@laneandgreyfare student spotlight b&a of s'mores dessert

@laneandgreyfare student spotlight b&a of chocolate ice cream

Plus, she reminds us all not to measure our worth in likes and views. “Do not give up because you’re having a bad down cycle on Insta and everyone around you seems to be growing more rapidly than you. Just work on improving your images and focus on that. The rest will come.” PREACH, Lee! 🙌

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Follow this queen on Instagram, like, right now @laneandgreyfare. Plus, head to our Insta highlights to learn more about her journey from Foodtography newbie to absolute PRO!