Student Spotlight: Esra of @charmerkitchen

Aug 12 • 2021

It’s that time again! We’ve got another Foodtography School Student Spotlight today, and this round we’re featuring Esra of @charmerkitchen!

Known for her baked goods and ADORABLE desserts, Esra has seriously up-leveled her food photography and business game.

@charmerkitchen student spotlight b&a of sesame twists@charmerkitchen student spotlight b&a of strawberry cupcakes @charmerkitchen student spotlight b&a of chocolate mousse@charmerkitchen student spotlight b&a of cake

Esra is currently living in Charleston, SC as a full time food stylist and food photographer. Before taking Foodtography School, Esra says she “used to be scared to approach brands.” But now? “Brands find me!” 👏 In fact, Esra says that:

And she is now able to charge 2x more than what she did initially and only works on partnerships she loves. Now that’s what we call livin’ the dream. The best part?

She’s also been featured on @tastemade and does freelance food photography for Amy’s Kitchen. LIKE, WHAT? Killin’ it! 😍

For any new food photographers out there, Esra’s advice is:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!!

We’re obsessed with how much you’ve grown, Esra, and we can’t see what you do next! Head to our Instagram stories highlights to watch Esra style and shoot a chocolate loaf and follow Esra @charmerkitchen ASAP. YUM!

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