5 picture perfect Fall styling tips 📸

Sep 21 • 2023

First of all: umm…how is September almost over, Ale?

Second of all: I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL. Best season ever.

But autumn also means that your food photography game might need a bit of a tune-up. Which is why I’m coming in HOT (wait, no, cool?) with 5 tips for all your fall styling needs. Because those apple pies and homemade soups aren’t going to photograph themselves…



Take a second to picture the colors of fall… what did you come up with? I’m willing to bet that deep reds, oranges, and greens were at the top of that list. And with good reason! Rich, warm colors are exactly what you see in nature during the autumn (think: ruby red apples, crisp orange leaves, amber apple cider, and that perfect emerald plaid). Infuse these rich, fall hues into your photos to capture the essence of the season. If you want a lil inspo, check out our collection of fall color palettes to get you going!



As you dive into holiday season photography, remember that this time of year is all about gatherings and festivities. It’s a time for sharing meals, joy, and companionship. So, let that spirit shine through in your images! Don’t settle for capturing just one bowl of chili; set the scene with three bowls that hint at a post-Halloween chili dinner tradition 👻. Or, instead of a single slice of pie, showcase multiple pieces with hands reaching in from various directions to evoke a gathering. Essentially, aim to capture a party-worthy scene in each shot!



In autumn, the lighting gets a little bit moodier and the shadows get a little bit longer. So play with that in your food photography! Try pulling your scene a little farther away from your light source than you normally would. This will create long, bold shadows that emulate the short days and cozy nights of fall.



Don’t feel like you have to cram your scene with the typical autumn suspects like pumpkins, leaves, and apples to capture that quintessential fall ambiance. Let’s be honest; tossing an orange pumpkin into the mix can sometimes feel, well, uninspired. Instead, stay true to your unique style while infusing lil hints of the season in your scene. If your style is light & bright, consider adding a touch of elegance by using cream or white pumpkins that effortlessly fit your vibe. For those who shoot dark & moody scenes, experiment with rich, dark woods and sumptuous linens to evoke that cozy fall tone.



Ah, the eternal challenge of editing oranges and reds—these colors can be a real head-scratcher. So, it’s time to make that HSL panel your bestie and balance those red and orange hues, saturations, and luminances just right. ✨

Quick tip for taming reds: Dial down the red luminance a tad when you’re working with red elements. This will make those reds pop without going overboard into that rustic, overly intense farmhouse red territory. Think of it as a transition from farmhouse red to refined ruby red—so much softer on the eyes.

Quick tip for handling oranges: Be cautious with that orange luminance slider; even slight adjustments can throw your oranges off balance. What I do instead is play around with the yellow luminance slider. Since yellow often overlaps with our perception of orange hues, this subtle shift creates a more natural tonal change that won’t leave you wondering why your pumpkin looks scorched!


Aren’t those tips just too much fun?! Hope they help make this season even better. And, remember to tag us @foodtographyschool with your fav fall shots. We wanna see ‘em!