3 Photos You Can Replicate When You’re in a Creative Slump

Oct 25 • 2023

Ever had those moments when you’re about to photograph a delicious dish but your creativity seems to be OOO? We’ve all been there.

But worry not, because, in this email, I’m sharing 3 photography compositions that you can lean on when you’re not feeling creative. These scenes are set “structures” you can use based on what you are shooting. The best part is that even though you’re repeating the same structures, you can still keep your photography feeling fresh with your styling.

Ready to spice up your food photography game without the creative burnout? Let’s dive in!


If your dish is round or circular in any way, try photographing it from overhead and placing it in the center of your frame. Photographing it from overhead will highlight your dish’s geometry, while symmetry is naturally appealing to our eye, as it feels intentional and calm at the same time.


If your dish has multiples (think brownies, pancakes, or bars), try photographing it from straight on and stacking the food on top of each other. Creating a stack is SO appealing, as it feels instantly abundant, while photographing the stack from straight-on allows the viewer to see into those beautiful layers.


If your dish has a lot of texture in it, consider getting really close up (aka macro) to showcase those beautiful textures. Not only is going macro a great excuse to not have to style a whole scene, as all you see is the food itself, but it can really help with that visceral feeling of the food being right in front of you, so close that you can almost taste it!

Next time you’re feeling that creative rut, come back to this email and try out one of these shots. And send me your results, OK?!