Winter Food Photography Styling Tips

Dec 13 • 2022

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means…another styling tips post! 🎉 So in the spirit of all things holiday, check out our favorite winter food photography styling tips.

1. Cool tones are in.

winter food photography styling tip #1 - hone in on your color palette

The Jack-frost/Elsa palettes are the moment. Incorporate more blues and grays in your photos to emulate snow, ice, and frost. Other great options for color palettes that evoke the holidays include: gold/white/blue, red/blue/white, and brown/red/white. AKA, anything that makes you think “oo, that’s festive!”

2. Props are everything.

winter food photography styling tip #2 - pick appropriate props

Ornaments, fir trees, string lights…WE GET IT. IT’S THE HOLIDAYS. But if you’re going for a more elevated look? Try for a subtler approach. For example, we love using crushed up peppermints rather than candy canes, or adding silver, white, and gold props to give a scene that icy feeling.

3. Texture is your best friend. Always.

winter food photography styling tip #3 - add texture

Can we get a round of applause for drips, drizzles, and dust? I mean, talk about reminiscent of ice and snow! Wherever you can include food that looks like winter weather, we’re all here for it.

4. BONUS TIP: Editing!

winter food photography styling tip #4 - cool down your editing

Make your photos look like they were taken on a cold, wintry day, by heading to Lightroom and crushing those highlights. We’re going for soft, cloudy gray vibes for our whites to mimic the lighting during winter!

Feeling festive yet!?

Try out our tips in your next photoshoot and be sure to tag us @foodtographyschool on Instagram so we can re-share.