*THIS* is What Really Matters When it Comes to Instagram

Feb 4 • 2021

BREAKING NEWS: how many followers you have on Instagram *does not* have anything to do with how successful you are as a food photographer!!! Okay…so maybe not so “breaking” — you’ve probably heard us say something similar before… But if follower count doesn’t matter, what does? What really matters on Instagram? And how can we show up in the best way possible?

Engagement is the #1 thing we love to see on Instagram. It means that your audience truly enjoys your content, and it means you’re providing real value to your followers! So no, it’s not about the number of followers you have, but rather how invested they are. 

That’s why we’ve got our 3 C’s (we ❤️ a good alliteration) to help you start boosting your engagement on Instagram. And the best part is, you can start today!

1. CONTENT: Mix it UP!

Instagram LOVES when you use all of their features. It’s not just enough to post to your feed anymore (though certainly don’t neglect it!). 

Try creating IGTVs, reels, and stories to showcase your food photography! You can show off how you style a shoot, how you made those perfect apple pies, or what camera settings you use. Carousels are also useful for providing a lot of value to your audience in one post (plus it’s just so fun to swipe… 😁).

An Instagram insider just released the ideal posting schedule below:

 – 3 feed posts/week
–  8-10 stories/week
– 4-7 reels/week
– 1-3 IGTV’s/week

2. CONNECTION: Don’t be a robot. 🤖

People really aren’t interested in following a robot account…so listen to your audience and connect with them! You can do this by engaging with their content, responding to their comments thoughtfully, and fostering real relationships.

Get super authentic by showing up on your stories, incorporating humor, and being genuinely you. And remember…you don’t have to be Kylie Jenner or have some sort of “perfect” life in order to make a difference!

3. CONSISTENCY: Show up like a boss.

Here’s the thing: if you’re not showing up consistently on Instagram…it’s not gonna work.

Showing up consistently means posting every single day. And we recommend that you don’t use a scheduler! Actually *be* the person to post your content and interact with your followers. Scheduling and forgetting about a post won’t help boost your engagement and develop that audience connection that we love to see. 

WATCH OUT, INSTAGRAM! We’re comin’ in hot with our new knowledge. 🔥

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