We’ve got your back(drop)!

Dec 15 • 2021

So I was just doing my yearly clean of my prop closet (because that ish gets MESSY) and as I was rearranging my backdrops and I got to thinking… backdrops are truly the backbone of a food photo. 

Like, even though it stays in, well, the background, your backdrop has a huge impact on how your food photos turn out. So today, I’m bringing you my best tips to help you find the right backdrops that will get your food photos looking stunning. 

Now, before we dive in… a quick tip: if you’re working on building your collection, I recommend focusing on getting just 2 to 3 backdrops. You really don’t need more than that to start taking great food photos. Focusing on getting just 2-3 backdrops will help you develop a consistent style and make your photos more consistent! 

Now let’s get into how to choose your ideal backdrop…

1. Go for something neutral

Neutral backdrops are going to be your best bet for food photography. You want to find something that can adapt to different scenes and work regardless of your subject matter. Eventually, you can expand your collection and find something bold/colorful, but if you’re just starting to collect backdrops, go for neutrals. 

Oh, and BTW, if you’re a light and bright photographer, that doesn’t mean all your backdrops have to be white! Same for dark and moody…you can still get different shades of backdrops to add variety. 

2. Material Girl

The material of your backdrops makes a huge difference. I typically like to choose plaster backdrops because they have more realistic textures and last longer than vinyl. 

However, there are benefits to printed vinyl backdrops! They save on space and money. So if vinyl is more your vibe, make sure you get matted, high-quality printed material (so it doesn’t have any pixelation!). Oh, and use a thick board of some sort under your vinyl to keep it flat.

3. See how the backdrop does in the wild

Before buying a backdrop, it’s always a good hack to head to that company’s Instagram page to look at photos customers have taken with their backdrops. That way, you can see how the backdrops perform “in the wild” and get a sense of how it could look in your own photos. 

OK ok ok, now that I just gave you some tips, I’m also going to save you a bunch of time scouring the internet for good backdrops — because I’m sharing my favs right here!

These are my favorite starter backdrops:

  1. Tampa from Woodville Workshop (Get 10% off with code BROMABAKERY)
  2. White MarbleWinter Solstice Marble from Capture by Lucy (Get 10% off with code BBHOORAY)
  3. Chicago from Woodville Workshop
  4. French Marble Slab from Crate & Barrel

And these are for when you’re ready to add to your collection:

  1. Subway Tile from Bessie Bakes
  2. Creamy Concrete from Erikson Surfaces
  3. Osaka from Woodville Workshop

There you have it: everything you need to know about backdrops! 

P.S. We only recommend products we really, truly love. That’s why our Products We Love Page contains affiliate links, which means we get a little commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.