The Key to Influencing in 2022

Feb 8 • 2022

Hey, hi, how’s it going? I’m coming to you today with another one of our coffee talks (aka where I drink coffee and write you a letter and we pretend we’re meeting irl because, um, how fun would that be?!).

OK so today, I want you to envision something:

Imagine if you had started your food blog in 2010 when the market was super open. Do you think your business would be different today as a result?

Or, imagine if you had launched your Instagram in 2014 when Instagram was starting to blow up. How would your current social following be different?

If your immediate answer was something along the lines of “Omg are you kidding, I’d be so ahead. I’d be dominating the market. I’d be huge!” Well…I totally agree with you.

That’s why in late September, I challenged myself to put my all into TikTok. And before you roll your eyes and “x” out of this email, hear me out…

TikTok got more pageviews than Google in 2021. This app is powerful.


And it’s not just about teenagers dancing. It’s chock full of people of all ages, doing insanely creative and talented things.

Putting in “my all” meant creating and putting out 2-4 videos a week, on top of running Broma Bakery, Foodtography School, and my new studio space. It was overwhelming af. But this girl loves a challenge, and so I stuck to it, testing out different styles of filming and editing, and finally finding my footing.

Four months later, I have over 248k followers on TikTok (something that took me over 5 years to do on Instagram), and have already had multiple 5-figure brand partnerships (again, something that took me over 5 years to do on Instagram).

Let me just say that again: it only took me 4 months.

I was able to have this insane growth precisely because the influencer landscape is once again changing, and there is currently a huge opportunity to be an early adopter in this new space.

So, don’t let this be another “ugh, if only I started my Instagram in 2014” moments. Now is the time to catch a massive new wave of influencing at the beginning.

That’s why the key to influencing in 2022 is learning how to pivot.

If Instagram isn’t serving you right now…stop doing it. If your static posts aren’t doing well, pump the brakes for a bit. Now is the time to try something new and actually see results in doing it before everyone else catches on. This is your chance.

Because isn’t gaining 1,800 followers a DAY — my average over the last 4 months — pretty freaking sweet? Like damn, talk about hard work paying off.

So, that’s about it for our little coffee talk today. Hopefully this helps you figure out where you can put your energy and talents to start seeing the best results. And maybe, someday soon, I’ll see you on my FYP. 😉