The FS Glowup Challenge is LIVE!

May 17 • 2021

Today officially marks the beginning of our #fsglowup challenge, where we ask all our students to submit their before and after photos so we can see how far you all have come!

We’re even giving away a crazy cool prize at the end to all our winners: the Style/Edit which includes 15 styling sessions, 15 editing sessions, AND 15 presets! 😮 Plus we’re giving away our preset bundle to the finalists. So make sure you enter, like, ASAP!

To enter the #fsglowup challenge simply post your before and after photos in one post on Instagram with the hashtag #fsglowup. Make sure to post before Sunday, May 23 at midnight to enter the challenge. You can enter as many times as you want — seriously, we want to see ALL the before & afters you got!

And can we take a quick trip down memory lane to just stare at these before and afters from our last challenge???

Incredible, right?! We’re so stoked to see what amazing entries we get this time around too! And remember, this challenge is less about the competition and more about seeing your incredible journey! Your progress is really what matters and we encourage everyone to participate. Yes, even you. 😉

P.S. Please note that this contest is only open to Foodtography School, Restaurant Foodtography School, Advanced Foodtography School, and iFoodtography School students.

P.P.S. By sharing your before & after photos, you agree to allow us to share your before & after photos on our social pages, emails, and Foodtography School advertising (with credit, of course!).