The FS Glow Up Challenge Winners Announced!

May 24 • 2021

Can we just say that we are FLOORED by how impressive your #fsglowup challenge submissions that we received over the past week? I mean, it’s one thing to teach food photography…but it’s another thing to see how you all run with that knowledge and create something totally your own. 😍

We had such a hard time choosing our winners for this round of the #fsglowup challenge, and we want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. Like, seriously, YOU ROCK. We hope you’ll enter again next year!

And, of course, help us give a big round of applause for our winners, who will be receiving the Style/Edit (which includes 15 styling sessions, 15 editing sessions, AND 15 presets!), and our finalists, who will be getting our preset bundle!

fsglowup challenge winner 1



fsglowup challenge winner 2

fsglowup challenge winner 3

fsglowup challenge winner 4

fsglowup challenge winner 5

fsglowup challenge winner 6

fsglowup challenge winner 7

I’m seriously FLOORED. Congrats again to our winners. And thanks once again to everyone who entered — our community is literally THE BEST.

Signing off from a proud momma bear over here!