Summer Styling Tips

Jul 14 • 2022

On our summer bucket list this year: 🍹 drinking margs by the pool, 🍔 bbq with the fam, and 😴 sleeping in until noon…

Oh, and updating our food photography styling of course!

Here are some of our fav tips for making your food photos extra summer-y this year:

1. ☀️ Soak Up the Sun

The sun is your new best friend, so change up the lighting in your food photos to reflect that! Bring your light source closer than normal to your scene to get that bright sunny look and don’t be afraid to have fun playing with contrast. Experiment with light and dark, emulating the way the sun shines through the leaves or that hot-afternoon-sun feeling.

2. 🎨 Get Colorful

Summer is all about using bright colors that remind you of nature. Think: fresh produce, vibrant blues and greens… anything organic and natural is your best bet. Pull your inspiration from the outdoors as much as you can!

3. 🧊 Ice, Ice, Baby

Even though summer is all about that heat, a great way to style for summer vibes is to actually use ice. Play with adding ice to your scene or use a spray bottle to create mist and amp up the cool, refreshing vibes.

4. 🌷Flower Power

The flowers are in full bloom, so use ‘em! Pick some from your garden or from a neighborhood walk to freshen up your scene and add a pop of color.

5. 🎉 Part-ay Time

Consider what activities people do during the summer: picnics, parties, bbqs, etc. People like to come together in groups, so incorporate multiples into your photos (3 plates instead of one…hands grabbing for the pizza slice…you get the drift!). The point is to give your photos that celebratory, festive air.

Use these styling tips in your next photoshoot to stay seasonal and remember to tag @foodtographyschool with your creations!