Student Spotlight: Zorah from @inthemidnightkitchen

Nov 5 • 2020

A brand new Foodtography School Student Spotlight is in da house!!! Raise the roof for this stunning food blogger and photographer from South Africa, whose baked goods and savory meals have got us DROOLING. 😍 Intro-ing the talented Zorah from @inthemidnightkitchen.

Zorah is currently kickin’ it as a photographer for brands, and she runs a food blog where she shares all her jaw-dropping recipes. She loves creating tasty dishes for dietary restrictions such as IBS (low FODMAP foods) and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)—we love it, Zorah!!!

Zorah enrolled in Foodtography School because she wanted to take her “photography more seriously, and that meant understanding light and composition better” she also wanted to #levelup her editing skills and find out how to monetize her work.

Before taking the course, Zorah always felt “slightly intimidated by lighting and was not aware that there were so many factors that came into play when shooting a scene.” But once she learned more, it opened her mind to the endless possibilities of shooting a scene! PRAISE! 🙌

Since taking Foodtography School, Zorah has landed some unreal partnerships! She’s been featured in WWTaste magazine, a South African Magazine (with a 6-page spread 🤯), multiple big-name accounts, and has recently launched an ebook on food styling for beginners. In short, she’s SLAYING.

Check out some of Zorah’s before and afters below!

@inthemidnightkitchen student spotlight b&a of brownies

@inthemidnightkitchen student spotlight b&a of banana bread

@inthemidnightkitchen student spotlight b&a of chocolate rice crispies

@inthemidnightkitchen student spotlight b&a of key lime pie

Zorah’s advice? She says: “It’s never too late to start. I studied law, then went to Le Cordon Bleu and thought that my only way to make money and create recipes was to work in a kitchen…it is never too late to start something that inspires and motivates you.” 💕

Okay, we’re kind of obsessed with your story, Zorah… Head to the @foodtographyschool highlight titled ‘zorah’ to go behind the scenes on a cupcake shoot with Zorah. Be sure to follow this queen, like, right now @inthemidnightkitchen!