Student Spotlight: Tajda from @myveganminimalist

Jun 12 • 2020

We are absolutely delighted to share our next Foodtography School Student Spotlight, introducing the very talented, vegan baked goods queen herself, @myveganminimalist!

Tajda is a full-time food photographer, blogger, and recipe developer at her blog, My Vegan Minimalist living in Manchester, UK. she enrolled in Foodtography School because once she saw the ahhmazing images from other Foodtography alums and wanted to improve her skills.

“I actually didn’t sign up to make food photography my job! I just saw the images other students were making and really wanted to improve my skills just like they did. I knew it could potentially become something more serious, but my initial plan was to just have an exciting new hobby.”

Since taking Foodtography School, Tajda has accomplished some MAJOR feats with less than 10k followers! “I’ve landed long-term contracts with agencies and brands in my niche, became a contributor @picturepantry (a premium food stock library!), worked with small local and big international companies like @panasonic and @vega_team, have been featured in @thrivemags and became part of an incredibly supportive community of fellow food photographers!” We feel you, Tajda, community is EVERYTHING. Check out some of her before and afters!

@myveganminimalist student spotlight b&a of chocolate shake

@myveganminimalist student spotlight b&a of buns

@myveganminimalist student spotlight b&a of chocolate cupcakes

@myveganminimalist student spotlight b&a of chocolate mousse cups

If you’re just getting started with food photography, her advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself, “Don’t put pressure on yourself to improve overnight! Take it one day at a time and just focus on what you can do TODAY to get a step closer to your food photography goals.”

Tajda, we love you and your story! if you don’t already follow @myveganminimalist you absolutely NEED to! ❤️

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