Student Spotlight: Pate from @thegandmkitchen

Feb 14 • 2021

It’s that time agaaaain!!! 

This week’s Foodtography School Student Spotlight is Pate from @thegandmkitchen aka the baking with bourbon BABE! Her baked goods are simply scrumptious. 😋

Pate is a full-time baking blogger and she also does client work on the side. She signed up for Foodtography School because she wanted to start food blogging and had always been interested in photography, but had NO idea how to photograph food…

“The last photography class I took was in high school (so, you know, a billion years ago). I signed up for the master class and got so excited about all the information in the course. I was starting from scratch so getting the basics of blogging and photography all in one place was a dream.” Heck yeah to that!!!

Pate learned SO much from the course, but her biggest takeaway? “The Lightroom editing tutorial was really helpful” because she had only used manual film cameras before and had “no idea what I was doing editing on a computer.” Now she’s editing like a goddess!

Just look at these incredible before and afters…

@gandmkitchen student spotlight b&a of cinnamon buns

@gandmkitchen student spotlight b&a of foccacia

@gandmkitchen student spotlight b&a of muffins

@gandmkitchen student spotlight b&a of cookies

And as for client work? She’s landed WAY more deals than she expected! “I’ve landed a few photography and recipe development clients, I’ve been featured on a 2-page spread in a magazine, and numerous instagram account reposts.” AMAZING! 🔥🔥🔥

Pate’s best advice for beginners: “Just start doing it, I’ve learned so much just through practice. It’s the only thing that will teach you what you do and don’t like.” Just getting started is SO KEY! 🙌

We seriously love a good success story, Pate, and we can’t wait to see where you go next! 😍 And, of course, follow @gandmkitchen so you don’t miss out on any more delicious food photos! Go behind the scenes with Pate as she styles, shoots and edits her orange and cardamom donuts in our Instagram stories. Yum!