Student Spotlight: Nina & Antonia of @twosisterslivinglife

May 5 • 2021

Get 👏 super 👏 excited 👏! Because we’re bringing you another Foodtography School Student Spotlight today — Nina & Antonia of @twosisterslivinglife!

Nina & Antonia are located in Graz, Austria (how cool???) and they love photographing baked goods, capturing movement, and visual storytelling. Plus, they absolutely adore developing sweet recipes with a twist. Yum!

After taking Foodtography School, they finally had the tools they needed to show their passion for food and photography. Nina says “the sentence that stuck most with me was: ‘take pictures daily. Shoot everything you see. Learn where the light is coming from.’ And that’s what we did.” We love to hear that!

Nina now works part time as a restaurant photographer and food blogger while also helping in her parents’ family business. “I can finally live my passion.” CONGRATS! 🤩

Plus, Nina and her sister now charge “3x more than what we charged in the beginning. I feel secure in myself and in my abilities and know that my work is worth what I charge.” Like, is that amazing, or what???

You love to see it! Her biggest wins are that she and her sister get to work with a lot of well-known Austrian brands, and Nina is working for a huge restaurant chain taking all the captures for their social media! But her personal win is that she’s making her family proud. ❤️

We’re feeling hecka inspired by your journey, ladies. You are seriously living life! 🙂 Follow these two @twosisterslivinglife to see more of their gorgeous photos! And head to our stories to watch as Nina and Antonia shoot style and edit a mojito with an epic pour shot.