Student Spotlight: Michelle from @siftandsimmer

Mar 8 • 2021

YAS!!! It’s another Foodtography School Student Spotlight! 😍 

We’re jumping out of our seats with excitement to announce our feature this week: Michelle of @siftandsimmer! She’s our go-to-gal for everything matcha and tea-infused baked goods. Oh, and delicious asian recipes, too. 😋

Michelle is a food recipe blogger and she loves taking photos for clients and her own website! She actually signed up for the very first Foodtography School (😮) because she wanted to learn the basics of using her camera in manual mode and how to take great food photos. 

Clearly, Michelle’s got the great food photography skills down — just peep these amazing before and afters!

@siftandsimmer student spotlight b&a of bubble tea

@siftandsimmer student spotlight b&a of bahn mi sandwich

@siftandsimmer student spotlight b&a of matcha donuts

@siftandsimmer student spotlight b&a of rolled cake

“My biggest takeaway from the course was learning that editing/post-processing is such an important part of photography. You can take a good photo, but with the right editing, you can make it amazing.” EDITING 🙌 IS 🙌 KEY 🙌

Her fav part of the course? The Advanced Composition Unit in Advanced Foodtography School! That unit “really helped me to style my shots. Learning about different composition techniques was crucial to keeping my images fresh and exciting.” 

Since graduating from Foodtography School, Michelle has worked regularly with a number of different brands both in Canada and in the US. Plus, she got to partner with Loblaws (the largest supermarket chain in Canada!!!) to create some recipes! You go, girl!

For anyone just starting out, Michelle’s advice is to “observe, practice, and keep practicing. Find images that speak to you and study them. Pick up your camera and just start shooting. It takes time to develop your own style, and it continually evolves so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

Thank you so much for your story, Michelle. We love it and we love your photos too. 🙂 Follow @siftandsimmer on Instagram right away to see more of her work, and head to the @foodtographyschool story to see [insert what the story is about].