Student Spotlight: Jennifer from @beyond.the.butter

Dec 1 • 2019

Say hello 👋  to our newest Foodtography School Student Spotlight: Jennifer from @beyond.the.butter!

Jennifer is a full-time blogger at her baking blog, Beyond the Butter, and a content creator, living in Philadelphia. She signed up for Foodtography School because she felt like she needed a good refresher on camera basics and composition. “Taking the course and doing the homework really helped to ultimately steer me in the direction I wanted to go in with regard to the overall look of my brand and imaging.” After graduating from Foodtography School, Jennifer has landed big brand deals with Wilton Cakes, Bahlsen, and Bob’s Red Mill (just to name a few!) and her photos have been shared by HUGE accounts like Target, The Feed Feed, and Food Network!

Her advice if you’re just starting out? “It can pretty overwhelming. remind yourself that you don’t have to know everything all at once, and you certainly don’t have to have all the fancy equipment right away either!”

Checkout Jennifer’s before and after photos. They’re pretty epic! 🤯

@thecuriouschickpea before and after of chocolate truffles

@thecuriouschickpea before and after of strawberry rhubarb pie

@thecuriouschickpea before and after of molten chocolate cakes

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