Student Spotlight: Gretta from @grettabakes

May 6 • 2020

We are BEYOND 🚀 to share our Foodtography School Student Spotlight, introducing the very talented, french pastry queen herself, Gretta, of @grettabakes!!

Gretta is a full-time blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer at her blog, Gretta Bakes! She enrolled in Foodtography School because once she dove into food photography she realized she had no idea how to take good food photos.

“My photography experience was with kids and families. I quickly realized I had no clue how to take great food photos!”

Since taking Foodtography School, Gretta has accomplished some majjj achievements.

“I’ve gotten paid contracts developing recipes and shooting photos for a gin company, shot/styled 40 different wines for a local wine company, and worked with several local restaurants to take photos for their marketing materials on an on-going basis. I’ve also been reposted by: @thefeedfeed.cocktails & @backdrop.woodville.”

Check out her before and after shots of these fudge bars!

If you’re just getting started with food photography, her advice is to practice practice, practice,

“Practice as often as you can. Keep referring back to the core composition principles when you’re shooting – I kept a list of all of the principles and would refer to it on each shoot. Review your work to see what you like/what principles you want to work on next time! Personally, after I had those down I really focused on styling. I created a styling checklist for myself and used that for several months on each shoot. For me, having a formulaic process was really helpful. it does become natural eventually but it takes lots of practice.”

If you don’t already, you absolutely need to follow her over on Instagram at @grettabakes! ❤