Student Spotlight: Chiara from @mangioquindisono

Apr 2 • 2021

WAHOO!! It’s Foodtography School Student Spotlight time! 

Give a big round of applause for Chiara from @mangioquindisono. From Mantua, Italy this med student turned food photographer, is all about healthy recipes with a twist. Her specialities include international dishes, and developing recipes with unique ingredients that are easy to make! 

@mangioquindisono student spotlight b&a of chocolate cake

@mangioquindisono student spotlight b&a of poke bowls

@mangioquindisono student spotlight b&a of chicken salad

Chiara took both Restaurant and Advanced Foodtography School because she “felt stuck with my photography…I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. My photos were technically ‘ok’….I wanted them to be extraordinary, not just ok. I needed to find my personal style.” 

That’s why she loved Unit 5 on visual branding and Unit 6 on marketing. They really helped her understand which photos she was drawn to, and how to market herself — something other courses didn’t teach her!

But her BIGGEST takeaway from the course? “Not to be afraid to try new things…Experiment. Practice…It’s a never ending journey because the photos you shot and loved today, won’t be enough tomorrow, and that’s good! Always strive for more!” 

Now, you can find Chiara working full time as a food photographer & stylist, plus running her food blog at

“I’ve worked with several Italian web agencies in the last two years, and I’ve been confident enough to raise my prices TWICE in 2020. I’ve landed paid sponsorship with Crockpot Italia, Innocent Italia, two well known Italian wineries, and several other brands, even if I’ve just reached 15k followers.” GET 🙌 IT 🙌 GURL 🙌

If you’re not sure about taking the dive, Chiara says to “just start. Buy an entry level camera, a tripod, a 50 mm and go for it. You don’t need tons of props, the perfect studio, the expensive equipment, you just need to start.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Chiara. We love your photos (OMG SO GOOD) and we can’t wait to see where you go next. Head to our stories @foodtographyschool to see more of Chiara as she styles and edits her “fregola sarda” flatlay and make sure to follow her on IG to keep up with her fab photos!