Student Spotlight: Becca from @cooking__therapy

Oct 1 • 2020

Y’all ready for this?! We are STOKED to present yet another Foodtography School Student Spotlight: Becca from @cooking__therapy!

Becca is a food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer creating and photographing gorgeous Asian cuisines. Yummo! 😋

When Becca first enrolled in Foodtography School she “didn’t even know the basics” but was determined to level up her photography skillz. Now she’s totally killin’ it! Rock on, dude. Check out some of these before and afters (we’re crazy about them!!!)

@cooking__therapy student spotlight b&a of chicken and rice

@cooking__therapy student spotlight b&a of shrimp spring rolls

@cooking__therapy student spotlight b&a of mummy pigs in a blanket

BIG WIN: Becca signed her first year-long contract with a matcha brand that she absolutely adores! Cheers to that! 🍷

Her advice for anyone just getting started? NEVER 👏 GIVE 👏 UP. “It’s definitely a process. For me, I didn’t start to take pictures I truly loved until after a year of consistently doing shoots…It’s really all about the hard work and persistence.” Amen, sista.

Becca, I’m feeling inspired already. Don’t forget to follow this gal PRONTO @cooking_therapy to see more of her stellar photos. 💕