Student Spotlight: Anita from

Jan 6 • 2021

Did someone say *Foodtography School Student Spotlight*??? Oh right, that was us!

Let’s hear it for this week’s family-food-with-a-farmhouse-vibe QUEEN: Anita Soule of! I mean, seriously — her rustic, seasonal, sweet & savory dishes are on point.

Check below to see some of these WILD before and afters (get it? Like WILD thistle kitchen?? 😉).

@wildthistlekitchen student spotlight b&a of lasagna

@wildthistlekitchen student spotlight b&a of creme brulee

@wildthistlekitchen student spotlight b&a of muffins

@wildthistlekitchen student spotlight b&a of white chocolate peppermint bark

Anita spends her time as a full-time blogger, brand/product photographer, recipe developer, and food columnist. This girl is out here booking some major paid partnerships! Just look at this lineup: Lamontagne Chocolate, Vivino Wine, Mezzetta, Filippo Berio. WAHOO!

As if that wasn’t enough, Anita also has a weekly food/recipe column in The Georgetowner, and a monthly recipe column for a local magazine, The Brookside Neighbors. “I’ve blown past my sponsored post income goals and made more than I ever have in all my years of doing this COMBINED.” HECK TO THE YEAH! You go Glen Coco. 💁‍♀️

Anita enrolled in Foodtography School to learn all about the basics: “I just put down my iPhone, dusted off my real camera, and dove in.” That’s really the best way to do it!

Foodtography School “gave me the foundation I was looking for and then months later I decided to take Advanced Foodtography School and I truly felt like it skyrocketed my photography skills and my business mindset.” 🚀

“The biggest win? Looking back on my old photos and seeing just how incredibly far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown. It is the BEST feeling.” We totes agree, Anita.

And her biggest advice? “Follow your dream and passion and practice, practice, practice! If you truly love food photography, you are absolutely in the right place and you are going to learn and grow so much. Be kind and true to yourself and find your style. Make friends in the industry and on Instagram. This is all so much more fun if you find your tribe – and you will find it. Never stop learning and never, ever stop investing in yourself and your business.” 🙌

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Anita. Make sure to follow on IG and check the highlight titled ‘anita’ on the @foodtographyschool Instagram to see her work her magic with a pear galette editing session!