Spring Styling Tips

May 12 • 2021

Ah, spring…

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the food photography styling is changing it up!

Yes — the different seasons have an effect on how we style our food photos! Spring is one of our FAV seasons for food photography because it’s all about *nature*. Think: new growth, flowers, natural elements, bounty, freshness, and brightness. 

Which is why we’re bringing you some serious inspo today to help you style your next photo shoot with spring in mind!

01. Get Your Sweet On

Sweet foods are wonderful for food photography, especially when you add flowers. Incorporate some flower elements in your next cupcake batch, baked good, or dessert to bring in that pop of nature (and color!). We love using edible flowers, or, honestly, heading out into the backyard, clipping off a few blossoms and adding them right into your scene! 


02. Savory Foods Get to Have Fun Too

Sweets aren’t the only thing that get to have fun in spring, you can incorporate nature elements in your savory food shots too! Add pops of green with herbs, chives, or green onions to create that organic feeling.


03. Your Color Story Tells it All

Spring is a time of beautiful colors, so use them in your food photography! Lean into the classic spring colors that invoke freshness, nature, and newness: green, blue, yellow, etc. They’re perfect for getting that fresh feeling!


04. Props Are a Food Photographer’s Best Friend

When choosing props for your next shoot, think “light-toned rustic.” Since spring is about both brightness, and nature, opt for props that are light woods, light patena, linen, or canvas. Anything that incorporates rustic elements and light colors is *perfection* for a styled spring scene!


05. Light & Bright Pals…it’s Your Time to Shine

When shooting, make your photos a little more bright and a little less moody by getting closer to your light source to shorten your shadows. You can also try over exposing a little more, or upping your overall brightness and exposure in Lightroom to get that light & bright look that’s so evocative of spring! If you’re not already editing in Lightroom, we highly recommend it. We suggest you get the “Photography” plan HERE.

Feeling springy? 🌈 🌼

Try out our tips in your next photoshoot and be sure to tag us @foodtographyschool on Instagram so we can reshare!

Love and brownies,
Sarah & the Foodtography School Team

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