Restaurant Food Photography Presets (pack of 3!)





Ready to take your food photography to the next level? Our presets are just the thing! Whether you’re a food blogger, brand photographer, cookbook creator, or just want your food photos to look profesh AF, our presets are your new best friend!

Compatible with the FREE Lightroom mobile app (!!!) and Lightroom Desktop. 

“I like the learning opportunity that editing with presets provides. They give me a solid starting point that I can reverse engineer to better understand the in’s and out’s of Lightroom.”

— Stasha from @stasharosen

Simplify your process. Test multiple looks with one click. Create a consistent look and feel.

What’s Included:

  • .xmp files (for the latest version of Adobe Lightroom and Classic CC)
  • .lrtemplate files (for Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and Classic CC)
  • DNG files (for the free Lightroom Mobile app)
  • video and PDF directions for downloading and installing your presets
+full description

Shot some photos for a restaurant? Not sure how to edit them? Ready to simplify your restaurant food photography process? Our presets will help you effortlessly capture your restaurant’s vibe!

Dinner & a Moody

This preset is, well…moody! Make any photo totally captivating by using this preset to bring your colors to life.


A light & bright preset that helps you get the whitest of whites without washing out your food subject (something I know a lot of us struggle with!).

Table Service

This preset is dark & bold. Darker photography more your restaurant’s style? Create a photo that pops with this preset!


Get your bundle today and make editing SO. MUCH. EASIER. Seriously…you’re going to save yourself hours and hours of editing time. And while you’re saving yourself all that time, you’ll also be creating a cohesive and consistent look across your photos like a pro! 

***Keep in mind that presets are mostly a one-stop-shop, but you might have to make minor adjustments for them to work on certain photos. For example, you might love the Eggshell preset, but find that it takes away too much blue in a scene where you actually want some blue. In that case, start with the preset and adjust as needed!