FS Drip Drizzle Dust Challenge Winner

Sep 22 • 2019

This past week has been seriously poppin’! We’ve pretty much been glued to our phones, watching the #fsdripdrizzledust hashtag EXPLODE with gorgeous photography. 

Here’s a huge thank you to everyone who participated! 👏

And, of course, we’re absolutely PSYCHED to announce the #fsdripdrizzledust winner, who will be taking home the prize of any product, guide, preset, or course from FoodtographySchool.com! WAHOO!

But before we announce our lovely winner, we also have a few runner ups to announce! What?! Yep, we just couldn’t help ourselves. 🙂 

Because, I mean…come on, these photos are off the CHAIN. 

Check it out:

a cream colored mixture is being poured into a crust set inside a fluted tin

Gingerbread. Salted caramel. Cheesecake. Need we say more?

a white mug with a splash of coffee coming out. sprinkles are suspended in midair

Sprinkles and drips and splashes, oh my!

a set of hands holding dark grapes with water dripping off

These grapes look so refreshing! #brilliant

one layer of cake is set on a back background. a hand is sifting powdered sugar over cake

Dust for daaaays!

clear mug with hot chocolate on top of a black baking tray with a layer of parchment. chocolate sprinkles are suspended in midair

Chocolatey goodness in one shot.

a hand pours caramel onto a loaf pan. small pumpkins in the background

Autumn is here! And so are we for this caramel drizzle!!


And now, for the official winner of #fsdripdrizzledust… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Congratulations to Julia of @sweettooth_foodtography

a pair of hands are dusting square ravioli with flour

Ugh, this photo is seriously fire. 🔥

Wow, picking those winners was touuuugh. There were so many amazing submissions to choose from. So from all of us here at Foodtography School, we’re so proud of this talented af community! You’ve got some serious moves. 😎