Our Top Tips for Making Reels

Feb 11 • 2021

We’re sharing some of the love and bringing you our top tips for making reels easy, fun, and a great way to promote your BIZNIS!! (Because we love making money…duh!).


Alright, tell me the truth: when you first realized Instagram reels were officially a thing and weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, did you freak out a little???

Like: OH SH*T, now I have to make even more content? Now I have to be *gasp* on camera?? Now I have to do DANCE MOVES!???

Don’t worry — we get it. 


We’re also here to let you know that Instagram reels *do not* have to be difficult or crazy complicated!!!

Plus, making reels is going to help you grow. Like, seriously. The Instagram algorithm loves it when creators use alllll of the different forms of content on their platform — and that’s doubly true for reels (if you ask us, it’s because they’re trying to take down TikTok and are rewarding creators for creating as much reel content as possible). That’s why, for Foodtography School, 2021 is all about doubling down on Instagram’s newest feature. 

1. Keep it Light!

The great thing about reels is that they don’t have to be carefully curated like your feed. In fact, it’s so much better if they’re #relatable. That means you don’t need to have crazy editing skills. You just need to be you. Focus on providing useful info and entertainment to your audience, and don’t worry so much about high-production value.

2. Other Editing Apps Are Your Best friend. 

Our number 2 tip is to USE AN OUTSIDE EDITING APP. If you’ve EVER tried to make a reel on Instagram, you know it’s GLITCHY AS HECK. Seriously, devs, get on this????? 

Instead, try an app like Splice, which helps make editing a breeze. Make all the changes you want to your video in the outside editing app, then upload it to Instagram and VOILA! Easy as box mix brownies.

3. Mix it Up!

Create a mix of different types of reels, showing both your food photos AND your face! 

Reels are all about showing the creator *behind* the camera. So for example, you could make a reel about how you style a photo session, or a reel where you talk selfie-style about three tips to take great food photos. The possibilities are really (REELY lol) endless. 

Still not sure what to do? Scroll through your reels tab to get some inspo

4. Hop on the trends!

Using popular audios and trends in your reels is a great way to get your videos to reach more viewers. Look through the reels tab and find audios you like! You can click on the sound and create your own video with the same music or voiceover. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy…



Now,  if we’re being TOTALLY honest…content is headed towards video *everywhere*. It used to be that content needed to be highly curated to get a lot of engagement, but now there’s a bit of a counter-culture to that. People want to see your raw, honest, realness! 

Of course, that doesn’t mean the artfully curated feeds are out — it just means people want both the curated stuff AND the relatable stuff.

Aaaaaaaaand because we take our own advice (sometimes 😉) we’ve decided to DO A THING!!!! We’ve STARTED A TIK TOK!!!


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It’s gonna be reely good. 😎