Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Hours

Oct 21 • 2021

Hope I’m not catching you in the middle of anything super important…like lining up a pour shot of pumpkin pancakes or getting your manual settings *just right* or frantically searching through Lightroom for that button you really need but can never seem to find? Yeah, we all know the one.

But if you happen to be engaged in the infamous Lightroom search, you might want to keep reading…

Because I’m sharing all my best Lightroom keyboard shortcuts with you today! So take a screenshot, save it to a folder, or save the infographic below somewhere you’ll easily find it because I’m about to save you hours of editing time.

Check it out:

lightroom keyboard shortcuts reference sheet

Already feeling less stressed? We are! Use these shortcuts to cut down your editing time and spend more time doing the really fun stuff…like eating that pumpkin icing. 🙂