How to use composition principles in VIDEO!

Mar 2 • 2022

So you’ve finally decided to film some Instagram reels…

Or maybe you’ve just launched your TikTok account…

And you’re wondering how the heck to make great videos of food. 

You’re in luck because a *ton* of the skills you’ve learned as a photographer translate directly to video. So you definitely don’t have to learn a completely new skillset.

Here are FIVE ways you can incorporate composition into your video creation process to make videos that show off your delicious food just as well as your photos do!


I use symmetry in my videos constantlyyyy. Symmetry helps create balance and instantly makes your eye go “oooo!.” Easily create symmetry by putting a bowl, pan, or cutting board in the center of the frame and then pouring something into the middle. Bam! Symmetry achieved.


I mean…movement. Videos. DUH! But seriously, when I’m shooting a video I think about how I can incorporate movement (or implied movement!) all the time. Try capturing as much motion as you can, from drizzles and pours, to cuts and drops. Making these movements as big as possible will make them show up clearly on the video. Also take into consideration the placement of your hands in the video and how it affects the viewer’s eye as it moves around the scene!


When it comes to video, perspective is HUGE. Not only does it act as a grounding force for your viewer, but makes the food itself look good! Understanding which perspectives to use, when to use them, and why to use them is paramount to taking a video that resonates with your audience. When shooting, I always ask myself: does this angle get the “most” out of this shot? Is the viewer missing out on anything from this angle? Experiment with where you place your camera to find the right perspective!


Ahhh…good ol’ light. At its core, a camera is a box that lets in light, so having good light in your photos is obviously a big help. Just like in your photos, the type of light you use in your videos can vary dramatically depending on the vibe you’re going for. Do you want something soft and wispy, something bold with rich shadows, or something sunshiney? There are tons of different options when it comes to light in your videos, so understanding the different types of light and what they’re good for is imperative to achieving the look you want. 


I loooove using negative space in my videos to draw attention to my subject! And I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that counter-intuitive? Well yes, but it’s true. By having an absence of something in one part of your scene, the viewer’s eye loses interest and starts moving around the frame looking for something more interesting. And boom! That’s how it settles on your subject. Plus, negative space just looks really, really cool. 🙂 

There you have it — I bet you didn’t realize how much you could apply photography concepts to video, right!? 

And if you want to learn even more principles just like these, our course Foodtography School goes DEEP into how to nail composition, light, and, like, so much more! 

Happy filming. 🙂