How this Toronto content creator makes her $

Mar 29 • 2023

Now more than ever, restaurants see the value in photography, videography, and content creation:

Food delivery is BOOMING and restaurants need quality photos to show off their food…

Viral posts of restaurants can put them on the MAP in a big way…

Social media is THE place for restaurants to connect with their customers…

…because their businesses rely more and more on the digital space to grow.

But don’t take it from me. Today and tomorrow I’m sharing a real-life example of someone who creates content for restaurants and it’s a juicy one! Say hello to Robin from Toronto, Ontario!

ROBIN: Hi, I’m so excited to be here!

SARAH: We’re so stoked! OK so full disclaimer Robin you do social media management for me through @bromabakery, but in addition, you also have your own account @blondeats where you do a lot of work with restaurants in Toronto! So can you walk us through exactly what you do?

R: Yes, hi haha! Other than working for you, I do both social media management and content creation for brands and restaurants. Social media management can come in a ton of different forms but it’s typically strategizing, executing, and building out a brand’s digital presence through social media (think: posting on a brand’s account, replying to comments and DM’s, etc). Content creation means creating content (like photos and Reels), which I do both as an influencer and as a business. As an influencer, brands pay me to create content and post it on my own page. And as a business, I work with brands to create content for them to post on their pages.

S: That’s awesome. What I’m hearing is that there are a lot of ways to work with restaurants as a content creator!

R: SO MANY WAYS! Every restaurant is looking for something different. Some are looking for help with posting, some need extra content in the form of photography or video, and some are looking for community management in the form of responding to DM’s, customer support, or comments.

S: Can I ask what you charge now?

R: Sure! For creating content for a restaurant alone (like creating a reel for them) I charge $175 USD per video. To create content and post on my page, I charge $300 for a static image and $450 for a reel.

Basically you guys, restaurants need content creation and they’re willing to pay for it. That’s why now is the perfect time to uplevel your restaurant food photography and social media skills so you can join in on the action.

Need some guidance to get started? Check out the Restaurant Foodtography School course, which was designed to help you learn to take gorgeous restaurant photos and book your next big client!

And, who knows, maybe you’ll be following in Robin’s footsteps before you know it 😉