How I combat burnout as an influencer 🤳

Oct 11 • 2023

I know how stressful the churn of constantly creating content can be. As someone who has been creating an average of 11 pieces of content a week for the last 3 years, let me just say: woof.

I also know that sometimes, that constant posting can lead to feeling creatively burned out and like “what’s the point?!”

So today I wanted to come to you with something that helps me to motivate through those feelings of burnout: consistency.

Honestly, you guys, part of the reason I’ve been so successful over time is that I’ve been consistent AF. Because that consistency is what keeps you in good graces with all these social media algorithms. Not only that, but consistency is also a signal to yourself that you are putting in the work.

So first of all, consistency is going to mean different things at different times and across different apps… because this idea of “being consistent” is always changing. But the important thing is that you stay consistent over time. Because interestingly enough, being consistent can be incredibly motivating in and of itself! So here’s what consistency has looked like for me:

  1. When I started blogging full-time, I created a blog schedule for myself and stuck to it. I posted 3 recipes a week every single week with NO exceptions.
  2. Then when IG came along I started posting on that app every single day.
  3. Now that TikTok is a thing, I have a TikTok cadence and I commit to it every week.

Being consistent helps me stave off the feeling of burnout because instead of telling myself “ugh, I’m burnt out and I have to create another video,” I say to myself, “nope, creating another video is what I do because I’m consistent and that’s what’s going to help me achieve my goals.” It’s a small mindset shift that takes the power away from engagement and success, and onto you as a bad-ass business person.

And it’s not just me! I’ve seen so many of our Foodtography School students become more successful not only because their skills got better, but because they also got more consistent.

So this month, I challenge you to make consistency part of your routine. See where it gets you (and let me know!).