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Feb 20 • 2021

My free master class, How to Turn Your Food Photos Into a Thriving Business, is HAPPENING ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you’re not signed up yet (you really, really want to get signed up btw), I wanted to let you know that at the end of the free master class, I’m giving away our — DRUM ROLL PLEASE! — Brand Pitch Guide!


Take it from someone who’s been pitching brands for over a decade: it’s kind of scary at first, BUT SO WORTH IT. That’s why I wrote this guide: to share all my best pitching practices so you sound like the professional, badass food photographer that you are. Plus, I include my trusty email templates to help you fire off those emails with zero sweat!

In our Brand Pitch Guide, you’ll get:

  1. 1. My step-by-step process for choosing the right brands to reach out to
  2. 2. My best tips for following up with brands that you don’t hear back from
  3. 3. A pitch email template for if you are just starting out
  4. 4. The exact pitch email template I use for getting paid sponsorships
  5. 5. My two favorite follow-up email templates to make the whole process 10X easier!

Join me and the 20,000+ students who’ve already registered for this super rad class (and stay to the end to make sure you snag your free guide!).

Pitching brands like a pro looks SO good on you…

Love and brownies,
Sarah & the Foodtography School Team