Our Favorite Food Photography Backdrop Stores

Sep 29 • 2020

Sometimes, shopping for the perfect food photography backdrop can go a little something like this:

  1. 01. Search online for hours trying to find the highest quality backdrop for the lowest price, comparing gazillions of reviews and images across different websites.
  2. 02. Scrutinize other food photographer’s photos to try and figure out what backdrops they’re using.
  3. 03. Bite the bullet and buy a backdrop.
  4. 04. PANIC because you’re not sure if the backdrop will look the way you imagined in your food photography dreams (everyone else has dreams about food photography, too…right?).

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 😫 BUT NOWinstead of the anguish that comes from backdrop hunting alone, you can find your ideal backdrop match in just two easy steps:

  1. 01. Read this.
  2. 02. Buy the perfect backdrop.

Backdrop? More like MIC DROP.

Read on to discover our 8 favorite backdrop stores so you can find the best, most stunning surface to frame your next culinary creation!

1. Capture by Lucy

I recently got a handful of vinyl backdrops from CBL and I’m absolutely obsessed. Now, I’m a solid surface backdrop girl through and through, but the quality of this vinyl is incredible. I am hooked! BonusLucy creates all her backdrops from stones, wood, and surfaces she photographs on her travels.

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting on a circular wire cooling rack
Horizontal surface is Italian Marble. Vertical surface is White Smoke.

2. Replica Surfaces

This is a great surface choice for anyone looking for a frugal option! The backdrops are light and easy to maneuver. I have a few Replica surfaces, though to be honest they aren’t my first choice; the print quality is a little digitized-looking, and the colors are slightly off. Nonetheless, a go-to for tight budgets!

3. Erickson Surfaces

Erickson boards were the first boards I ever got! They’re thick, high-quality wooden boards in a variety of patterns and styles. Seeing as I got them years ago, the quality of the boards might have changed, but when I first bought them, I found their sponging to be a little obvious, and I had wished they were a little more delicate-looking. Still, they’re leaders in the industry and I know countless photographers who love them!

stack of waffles with blueberries on a wooden slab. a pair of hands a sifting powdered sugar over the top
Vertical Surface is Dark Concrete . Horizontal Surface is an old wood slab

4. Club backdrops (UK)

These vinyl and canvas backdrops are super spunky and contemporary. They’d be amazing for outdoor and direct light photography! I don’t personally have any, but they’re next on my list!

5. Woodrow Studios (UK)

This is another recommendation I haven’t used personally, but they’re super popular in the UK. They seem to specialize in darker backdrops, so if that is your thing, Woodrow is the way to go!

6. Bessie Bakes

Another store I haven’t tried personally, but I’ve only heard great things! She has a wide variety of mostly neutral backdrops that I just love. I’m particularly interested in the Two Loves Studio collaboration for its organic, lived-in vibes. 

7. Ines Brenneman

I recently saw one of these canvas-based surfaces in person and it was an absolute piece of art. They’re a little on the pricey side, but my god if it wasn’t beautiful. If you know exactly what color and vibe surface you’re going for and have the budget, I’d go for it!! 

Idk about you, but I am definitely swiping right on these backdrop stores. Say “adieu” to hours of online searching and disappointment! And say “hello” to gorgeous. 😍