Fall 2022 Styling Tips

Oct 13 • 2022

t’s that time of year again… The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisper, and pumpkin spice is back in action. Seriously, we love fall. And we love getting to change up our food photography to reflect the season too! Which is why we’re bringing you some of our top fall styling tips to help get you inspired. Check it out:



3 images with fall styling props like pumpkins, apples, and pinecones

When it comes to styling your props in a shoot, consider what autumnal items you could include. Remember to keep it #classy — the subtler, the better! Some of our go-to’s include: cinnamon sticks, mini-pumpkins (PRO TIP: white or cream pumpkins are extra chic!), and pinecones. We love adding these seasonal props because they act as visual cues to signal that the photo was taken in autumn!



3 images with fall vibes. There are cozier textures, wood grains, and darker props

Fall is a time for cuddling up by the fireplace, wearing lots of layers, and enjoying home-cooked meals. That’s why we love to amp up the autumn in our photos by using rustic items such as layers of rough linen, cheesecloth/muslin, natural wood grain, antique metal, and darker backgrounds. We’re going for texture and coziness, so the more homey, the better!



3 images with examples of fall lighting. It is moodier and the shadows are longer

In autumn, the lighting gets a little bit moodier and the shadows get a little bit longer. So play with that in your food photography! Try pulling your scene a little farther away from your light source than you normally would. This will create long, bold shadows that emulate the short days and cozy nights of fall.



3 images with fall ingredients. There are figs, eggplants, and pears

Let’s be honest, when we hear the words “autumn” we immediately jump to recipe ideas that have to do with pumpkin. GUILTY! 🙋‍♀️ But instead of opting for pumpkin *everything*, try playing around with some lesser-done fall ingredients. We’re talking chai, bourbon, sweet potato, pear, fig, pomegranate, brussels sprouts, eggplant, goat cheese, rosemary, delicata squash, mushroom, and potato. See? There’s just so many to choose from!



3 images with fall colors. There are oranges, reds, and dark greens

Along with autumn comes a whole new set of color stories to work with! Incorporate the colors of fall into your photos to nail that fall aesthetic. We’re talking reds, oranges, browns, dark greens, purples, etc. We’ve even put together a post of our favorite color stories for this autumn RIGHT HERE if you’d like some inspiration!

We hope these fall styling tips got your creative juices flowing. Happy styling and remember to tag us @foodtographyschool with your fav fall shots. We wanna see ‘em!