Drip, Drizzle, Dust Challenge is BAAAAACK! 📸

Jul 12 • 2021

The Drip, Drizzle, Dust Challenge is officially back! And we can not WAIT to see what you’ve got dripping, drizzling, and dusting!!

To recap: the Drip, Drizzle, Dust challenge is a chance for you to show off your best motion and pour shots. We wanna see it all: from drips of maple syrup down a stack of pancakes, to a drizzle of caramel on a cake, to a dusting of powdered sugar over cookies. These motion moments really make a shot POP! And not to mention, super yummy!

Start posting your pics on Monday — TODAY (7/12) — to enter the challenge. All submissions must be posted on or after Monday, July 12. You can enter the challenge as many times as you like (the more you post, the more chances you have to win!). Last day to enter the challenge is Monday, July 19th and we will announce the winners on Tuesday, July 20.

The best part?! This year we’re choosing 3 winners! (one for an amazing drip shot, a drizzle shot, and a dust shot) who will receive an $1,000 gift card each to Foodtography School. The runners up will receive $250 gift cards, and the honorable mentions will receive $100 gift cards. There’s SO MANY WAYS TO WIN! 🎉

And remember, this challenge is all about having a good time and sharing beautiful food photography, so we encourage EVERYONE to enter. It’s just more fun that way. 🙂

On your marks…get set…shoot!

P.S. Need help with your drip, drizzle, dust photo? Head to the blog and check out our latest tips for capturing FLAWLESS motion & pour shots!