“Does food photography really matter?” YES, here’s why…

Feb 16 • 2021

Let’s be honest…

Do you follow Instagram accounts of food bloggers with ugly food photos? 👀

Do you make the recipes of bloggers whose food looks unappetizing? 🤔

Do you buy brands’ products that look lame? 🤷‍♀️


The truth is that high-quality food photography is insanely profitable (re: my 7-figure business that’s based entirely on food photography…).

And that’s because we live in an incredibly visual world! Especially now, as the internet has become more and more important in our lives (where literally everything is visual!!!), creating beautiful images is both rare and valuable.

Why? Because food that looks appetizing sells.

Even if you have an amaaaaazing dish that tastes like Grandma’s home cooking and a 5-star Paris bistro had a food child…but your photo of it isn’t good? No one’s going to make it.

By creating amazing food photos — you make it more likely for someone else to try that recipe just because it looks so scrumptious. And you make it more likely for that someone to have a great time baking, cooking, and sharing that dish!

And don’t get me started on social media… Raise your hand if you’ve looked up #foodtographyschool on Instagram and just scrolled endlessly. 🤚

Beautiful food photography also goes hand-in-hand with a larger social following, which you can then leverage to work with brands and companies.

That’s because brands and companies want their food and ingredients shown off in the best light possible. That’s where food photographers come in. And if a photo of a brand’s item causes a hundred, two-hundred, or thousands of people to buy that product and make that dish? Well, that photo would be extremely valuable to that company.

I want to help YOU make those gorgeous food photos so you can both get paid the big bucks, and help other people discover the joy of cooking, baking, and sharing food!

So checkout our course offerings to find the perfect one for you.


Let’s turn that passion for food photography into a profitable biz.