How I Gained 850k+ Followers on Social Media in 10 Months

(hint: it’s through video)

Wednesday 8/10 @ 12pm EST

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What you’ll learn:

Buckle up, because we don’t mess around when it comes to education.

  • 📲 Why focusing on video now is more important than ever
  • 💸 How my videos have landed me 5-figure deals
  • 🖐️ 5 core photography concepts you NEED in your videos
  • 🎥 My proven formula for creating videos that has helped thousands of students
  • 🥇 The number one thing you should have in all of your videos
  • 📸 How video fits into the overall picture of a successful social media business

Meet your teacher

Hey hey! I’m Sarah.


I’ve been a full-time food blogger and influencer for 8 years. My following has led me to partnering with some of the top food brands in the industry, magazine features, national TV appearances, and even speaking at Harvard Business School. It’s taken me around the world. It’s led to a high 6-figure food blogging business, multiple team members, and 1.4 million followers across my social channels.

I know what it takes to build a dedicated, long-term following regardless of the platform you’re on. And now, I’m sharing all of my secrets.

Can’t wait to see you in class!