5 things you MUST have in your media kit!

Nov 3 • 2022

So you’re ready to start pitching to brands — just one problem…what’s a media kit and what are you supposed to put in it??? Don’t worry, we got you. We’re breaking down the 5 things you must have in your media kit to stand out and land your next brand deal!

Let’s start with what even is a media kit. A media kit is a collection of all the information a brand might want to know about you before they decide to form a partnership. It includes things like who you are, your statistics, your rates, and some sample work. 


1. ✍️ BIO

A brand wants to know who you are, so give a little explanation of your work and what you do. Remember to keep it short and sweet, but also don’t be afraid to brag on yourself. This is the time to show what you can do!



When it comes to adding your pricing and rates, don’t lock yourself into a number too soon. In your media kit, this is a great place to say something like “starting at $XXX.” This way you can give a ballpark estimate and do negotiations later. 



Next, you’ll want to include some general stats about your social media, such as your following size and demographics. You can add where your followers are from, their age ranges, genders, and any other relevant audience statistics.



Of course, you’ll want to add any links to previous partnerships to give the brand a sense for work you’ve done in the past. You can even show statistics on how well those partnerships performed!



Last, but definitely not least, remember to include beautiful photography throughout your media kit to make it more visually appealing and to show off your skills! 


If you’re ready to update your media kit with these 5 things you must have but don’t want to spend the time to make it all from scratch (ugh, so much work!), head RIGHT HERE get our customizable media kit! Simply plug in your own information in Canva and send away. 

Happy brand pitching!